• Gift card - 200 PLN

Gift card 200 PLN

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  • Sometimes the best gift is the ability to choose for yourself :)
  • A 200 PLN gift card for shopping in our store is sure to go down well.
  • The card is an electronic gift card.
Card information
The perfect gift

A Gift Card from Make Me Bio is always well-received. Your loved ones can choose for themselves the cosmetics they love which will make them happy.

Save time

Save the time you would spend choosing a gift, safe in the knowledge it will go down well. No need to leave the house and no waiting in lines.

Validity period

Your gift can be used within one year from the date of purchase. Your loved ones can take their time making their selection.

Card form

You receive your card in an electronic form, so you can either print it out or send it to your loved ones wherever they are in the world.


The perfect solution to fit any budget. Choose from four different amounts - 50 PLN, 100 PLN, 200 PLN or 500 PLN.

How to use

Your Gift Card will be protected with a PIN code. This ensures it is secure.

You do not need to use the entire card value in one order. Its limit will be available for the entire time the card remains valid.

If the value of your order exceeds the available limit on the card, you can pay the balance when placing the order by using one of the several flexible forms of payment we offer.

Card Terms and Conditions

Please read the Gift Card Terms and Conditions, as purchase of a card means they have been accepted.

A gift card is a perfect and always welcome present for someone dear to you.

Discover the unparalleled properties of exceptional ingredients.

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