• Garden Roses - Rose Water 100ml
  • Garden Roses - Rose Water 100ml

Garden Roses Rose Water 100ml

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  • Make Me Bio Rose Water contains only one ingredient - Damask Rose Hydrolat. It has a toning, nutritional and regenerative effect, and also provides a deep cleanse and hydration.
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Nourished, regenerated and moisturized skin.

After washing your face, moisten the skin with the hydrolat. Use in the morning and evening, or more often if needed. The handy spray bottle with atomizer allows for even application. Store in a shaded place.
You can use this water as a tonic to cleanse the skin, or before applying your moisturizing cream. It will also make a great face mask if mixed with clay suitable for your skin type.

Its pH is close to the pH of healthy skin. The essential oils in it have aromatherapeutic properties. It has toning, nutritional and regenerative effects. It also provides a deep cleanse and hydrates.

Ingredients / INCI

Rosa Damascena ‹Damask Rose› Flower Water

A series for dry and sensitive skin. Its leading component, Rose Water, has soothing and moisturizing properties. Garden Roses
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